Accessing the Data Stream (Part 2: Panels)

The properties Panels or TopPanel of the Screen Variable can be used to access the individual layers of a screen. (see Accessing the Data Stream (Part 1: Screen))

The properties of these layers relevant for iNow are described here.

Properties preceded by an asterisk ‘*’ are only available for reading.
All screen coordinates in iNow start at 0.


* int Top

upper starting position (0 in the basic screen)

* int Left

left start position (on the basic screen this is 0)

* int Height


* int Width


* string WindowTitle

Title (only for windows, if specified)

* string WindowFooter

Footer (only for windows, if specified)

* bool IsWindow

the DataPanel belongs to a window (if true)

* DCLabelList Labels

List of all labels (texts) that are located on the DataPanel.

* DCEditList Edits

List of all input fields that are located on the DataPanel.

* DCButtonList Buttons

List of all buttons located on the DataPanel

* DCStructFieldList StructFields

List of all Structured Fields that are located on the DataPanel

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