Command line parameters



In the next version the iNow UI Client (desktop version) supports command line parameters.

Predefined command line parameters

repo          location of iNow UI Repository
startsession  starts a session on startup (despite of client settings)
host          hostname (used for automatic login)
user          username (used for automatic login)
password      password (used for automatic login)

The following example autoconnects an demo user and starts a session

inowclient -host:as400 -user:demo -password:demo -startsession

Custom command line parameters

To query command line parameters in scripts you can use the following code

if (ML.CommandLine["dummy"] != null)
    // param exists=> show value

This is the corresponding command line call

inowclient -dummy:value

If params contain spaces you have to enclose them in quotation marks

inowclient -dummy:"value with spaces"