Command line parameters

Predefined command line parameters

Parameter Use
repo Path to the iNow UI repository
host Host (for automatic login)
user Username (for automatic login)
password Password (for automatic login)
startsession starts a session (independent of the settings stored in the client)
nosession explicitly starts no session (regardless of the settings stored in the client)
startview starts a view control (with the passed id) in the tab

Example: Automatic login of a demo user with start of a session

inowclient -host:as400 -user:demo -password:demo -startsession

Example: Start with display of a specific view, without session

inowclient -host:as400 -user:demo -password:demo -startnosession -view:demoview

Custom command line parameters

In scripts, additional own command line parameters can be queried as follows

if (ML.CommandLine["dummy"]] != null)
    // Parameter available => Display value

The appropriate command line call for this would be

inowclient -dummy:Value

If parameter values contain spaces, they must be enclosed in quotation marks.

inowclient -dummy: "Value with spaces"