Database Driver for iNow UI Client



The iNow UI Client uses the OleDb drivers from IBM.

  • In older Client Access versions they were part of the main package also containing 5250 Emulation and iSeris Navigator
  • In new IBM i Access Client Solutions the db driver for Windows are in a separate installation package.

No matter wich version you install, it is important to select the OleDb, not the ODBC driver.

Installation IBM i Access Client Solutions

Unzip the installation packet in a folder.

If you use a 32 Bit Windows version select the Image32 folder. If your Windows is a 64 Bit version use the folder Image64a. In each folder you find a setup.exe file which you have to start.


After selecting your language you will see the welcome screen.


Then you will be shown the licence screen and you can choose the installation folder.
Afterwards select the setup type.


You can select “Typical”, or “Custom” if you want to select the components on your own.
Take care to choose “OLE DB Provider”. Also it is recommended to install SSL.


Warnings about a missing AFP printer driver can be ignored for our use case.

After succesful installation you will find a link to installation folder on you desktop.


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