Showing HTML (WebBrowser vs. FlexBrowser vs. FlexHTML)

We currently have 3 controls supporting the display of HTML.
Here we discuss the differences between them.


WebBrowser was the first HTML component we added to iNow UI.
It uses the original Microsoft Browser component from .Net Framework and is internally based on Internet Explorer. As Internet Explorer is a deprecated technology the support for new web technologies is poor. On the other hand this adds compatibility to older IE optimized sites often used in corporate environments.


This control supports new web technologies, as it is based on Chromium, the technology engine behind Googles Chrome Browser. It does NOT need a locally installed Chrome Browser.


This is a lightweight control used to display text/documents using a subset of html for textformatting.
It supports only a few easy tags like (b, i etc. )


If you do not have to display some sites optimized for older IE version, we recommend using the new FlexBrowser control.