Using DOT Anonymizer

The iNow UI Client provides support for Arcad’s data anonymization solution, DOT Anonymizer.


You can enable DOT Anonymizer inside the design settings on the Integration tabsheet.

You have to specify the url of the webservice. You can test the webservice with the Test button.


If the Anonymizer is enabled and the DOT Anonymizer web service is not available,
the anonymized fields will be filled with exclamation marks ("!")



In this example we look at the field “Name” containing a customer name.

Select the field in designer and go to the Properties tab. Here you will find a property Anonymize.


sub property usage
Engine choose the engine used for anonymization
Disable disable the anonymization

Afterwards you will see the field anonymized

When a textedit is anonymized, it is set internally to readonly.

To disable the anonymization for a single field you can

  • set Disabled to true
  • remove the entry from Engine

To disable the anonymization for all fields, disable DOT Anonymizer in DesignSettings.


You can also use anonymization in AOF.


We provide a DefaultAnonymizerRule for this.
You can enable this rule using AutoGUI Configuration.


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